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When Beauty Brands Go International

Denise Dente and Jessica Quick of Buzz BeautE

Managing Principals of Buzz Beauté, a sales and marketing firm to accelerate brands, and co-authors of WHIP FIRE MONEY, Denise Dente and Jessica Quick explore how brands can increase their revenue and consumer awareness through global expansion, about Buzz Beauté's  goal to help owner and entrepreneurs navigate the path to bring their brand to international markets, and the story of WHIP FIRE MONEY, their international guidebook for beauty brands looking to go global.

When Beauty Brands Go International - DeBuzz Beauté
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Jessica Quick and Denise Dente, cofounders of Buzz Beauté have published a new book about doing business globally. Whip Fire Money is an easy-to-use international guide that delivers practical information alongside checklists, red flags and other insider tips for beauty brands.

Taking Your Beauty Brand To New Markets

Taking your beauty brand to new marketsBuzz Beauté
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Launching a Brand Internationally: Part 1

As global travel and online sales have blurred the lines between territory markets, most cosmetics brand’s ambitions are going beyond their local country. With a global cosmetics market valued at 507.8 billion U.S. dollars and a projected value at about 758.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2025, every company is looking to get their hands on a share of these beauty sales.


Consumer research specialists, Ayton Global Research, are teaming up with global business development experts, Buzz Beauté, to deliver this 2-part webinar guiding you through the steps to launch a brand internationally.



Buzz Word: International

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