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What To Do After Your Investors Pitch Presentation

You have an amazing product, your pitch deck is spot on, your financial “ask” is clear, yet at the end of your pitch to a top-notch investor, they say, “Let me think about it and let’s stay in touch.”

What does that really mean?

Before you can even think of what to say, your mind explodes with thoughts, self-doubt, and disappointment, but hey, they didn’t say no.

Of course, you will send a thank you and follow-up note. The bigger question is, “How will you stay in touch, stay top-of-mind, and show your value?” Winning the attention of an investor requires a well-thought-out plan. Investors move through a funnel of consideration, evaluation, and ultimately investment, so having a communication strategy is a best practice to reel in that investor.

Craft a strategic and persuasive communication plan to deliver value to potential investors.

💡Share what matters

The goal is to show growth and demonstrate progress. Stay concise on delivering content and data that matters to the investor. Remember, they see several pitches and follow-up decks, so be brief and specific.

Here are some things to share:

  • Milestone achievements

  • New customers

  • Sales Revenue

  • KPIs

  • Financial changes

  • Press, PR mentions, reviews, and what others are saying about you/your product

  • Industry oriented news

  • New team members/position

💡Be stylish and communicate with intent

While the words and numbers are essential, the company's visual identity and personality can help capture an investor's attention.

  • Infographics are an impactful way to communicate critical data quickly.

  • Presenters should be well-rehearsed, knowledgeable, and think quickly (especially with a Q&A). Live or video presentations should make a strong personal impression. If you want training on this, we have resources.

  • Deliver the unexpected and offer content that breaks the noise. Often a graphic designer and copywriter can help make your communication stands apart.

💡News on the next big thing

Share upcoming events, anticipated features, new partnerships, or other noteworthy news. Without overpromising, share some of the exciting things you have coming.

💡Call to action

Always include a call to action so if an investor is ready to go to the next level, they know how to connect with you.

💡And finally…Cadence

The goal is to stay top of mind without communicating too frequently that you harass or bother the target.

Predetermine the frequency you want to connect with the prospective investor. Depending on the activity level of your business and the rate of change, you may choose to send a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly business update.

Consider how you will communicate? Email, phone, video, etc. Keep the drumbeat going even if you do not hear anything back right away. Timing is everything, so stay the course.

So, the next time a potential investor says, “let’s stay in touch,” take a breath and gain control over your inner voice. Smile and enjoy the confidence from knowing that you have a solid communication plan in place to wow the investor and get them one step closer to joining your business.

If you want help developing your pitch deck or a follow-up investor communication plan, contact us at


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